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The Passion to Create

My passion is to create . . . through the lens of a camera. My passion is to create an image of a moment in time . . . where through the lens, time stands still and a moment is etched forever.

As a lot of you know, I was swept off my feet a couple of years ago when I finally had the opportunity to pursue my photography …full-time, and I’ve never looked back! I’ve had a camera in my hands throughout most of my life and can honestly say that I have withdrawl when I’m not out shooting every day. I love working with my clients, trying to capture the essence of their personalities through photography. I love making everyday city folks look their best and letting them have their moment in the spotlight, letting them feel like a model and have some fun. I strive to find their inner beauty through my lens because I know that for some, my photographs will be a defining point in their self-image.

I’ll be up and posting regularly, and so watch for upcoming news (oftentimes of my whereabouts), specials, and the occasional off-the-beaten-path post!

Welcome to Stillscapes Photography Studio!



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