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Harleys, Hair, Ducatis & Dogs, what a great time!

Imagine miles of black leather, some unusual hair, hats, a lot of Harleys and thousands of fun people of all descriptions, boots and britches and chaps of all kinds, and about every accessory one could want for a motorcyle all under one roof. Imagine 25,000 people visiting vendors of all descriptions, live entertainment, judged events for motorcycle entries, hot dogs, barbeque, beer, wine, and lots of laughter. Imagine, if you will, custom-painted tanks and fendors, works of art to blow your mind! If you wonder what I’m chatting about, well, it’s the Great American Motorcycle Show that took place last weekend at the North Atlanta Trade Center in Norcross, Georgia.

Our weekend started with a bang on Friday night, lots of great people, lots of chatting about bikes, rides, events, photography, and art. With regards to art, something I’m partial to, I was lucky enough to meet somebody that has truly a gift in the custom-painting department. That’s Mitch Omar of O’s Custom Paints, based in Bartlett, Tennessee. His tanks are awesome! One of my closest friends, who was there working with me, went to high school with Mitch and so I got to hear them tell down-home stories. Mitch is quite the guy and I really enjoyed meeting him and laughing with him. Standing at probably six-foot-two, blonde, and very animated, Mitch is a tough one not to just get engrossed in. I learned that his painting is entirely by hand and I have to say it appears incredibly three-dimensional. The art is absolutely intriguing and each tank is as individual as you and I.

Mitch currently has several hand-painted tanks, including the pictured ones above, in a traveling exhibit that opened last year at the Appleton Museum in Ocala, Florida, and the exhibit will be traveling and appearing in various venues across the country. The exhibited tanks were on display at the show last weekend and, in a few words, THEY ROCKED! You can see more about Mitch and his work at

Mitch Omar, O\’s Custom Paints

Mitch taking a moment with me & the camera

So after meeting and chatting with Mitch, the weekend rocked on. We saw lots of entriguing outfits, get-ups, hair, and hats. But one thing was for sure, bike people love their dogs and many have them in tow. Take a look at some of the buddies of the barking kind.

You looking at me?

After seeing lots of people with their pups, I was sure that there must have been a vendor there that sold Hogs for Dogs!

The cutest face . . .

. . . and a too-cute back!

But there were plenty of folks that brought their dogs and, of course, I just couldn’t resist capturing their “mug” with my camera!

\”I\’m so happy you want to take my picture! I\’m so cute!\”

Finally, I have to say that a “work of art” that deserved to be captured by my camera and memorialized here was the red/orange mohawk with tire tracks crossing the side of this young man’s head. Yes, I couldn’t resist chatting with this guy and his dad. This was a truly unique site that passed our booth and though I won’t be racing to the phone to call my hair salon to say that “I think I want to try this cut and color this time,” I found it fun and interesting. Thumbs up and kudos for the artwork!

So, in closing, the weekend was great fun and I had a blast. I look forward to seeing folks I met at future events. Thanks to all who made me and my friends feel so at home and including us in the festivities! And a special thanks goes out to our booth neighbors, Soft Bottoms, for looking out for us and having a lot of laughs with us! And yes, boys, it’s always 5:00 somewhere!!!!

Until next time . . . signing off for now and riding off into the sunset . . .



  1. Teresa Smith says

    This Harley Davidson Show was a blast! And it was a treat to run into my high school friend, Mitch Omar!! What amazing work he does with his painting! Of course, now I want a Harley!! Thanks Pam, for letting me hang with you for the weekend. Lots of fun!!

  2. Rick Aleksic says

    What a great artist ! Pam has the eye that turns a picture into a work of art ! Keep taking the wonderful pictures, I enjoy them all!! See you soon….


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