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A Beachy Blog

Sun, sand, sea . . . blue skies, warm temperatures, and time on the beach to relax and rejuvenate from the winter weather we have had. Here we are fast approaching spring, temperatures rising, days getting longer, and we’re all looking forward to seeing flowers blooming and the grass returning to green.

So to liven up our mood and make us wish there was a steady stream of spring weather headed our way, I’m going to post a few of my beach shots from Rosemary Beach a couple of weeks ago and maybe get you geared up for the sand and sun. Are you considering new family shots to spruce up those frames and photo albums? Well, call us and book now.

As we approach spring and wonderful warm temperatures, think about calling me and setting up your shoot! We’ll be offering specials and sending more information in the next few weeks. If you want family photos while on Spring Break or you have a ski trip planned, just call us. We travel for a very, very reasonable rate and offer you the best service!

Come on, break out those buckets and shovels and boogie boards and let’s go to the beach!



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