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It’s a Dog’s World!

As a professional photographer, an animal lover,  and a sucker for a sweet face, I can’t resist capturing the faces of many of my clients’ animals.  Over the years, I’ve photographed horses, dogs, cats and I’ve designed announcements, holiday cards, and all-occasion cards for my clients’ animals, as well as my own.  Last year I had the opportunity to travel to Florida and spend the weekend at a rescue reunion where people who had adopted dogs from this organization came from around the country, pets in tow, to re-unite with their friends!  There were old dogs, young dogs, dogs who had survived disasters, dogs who had been abused, ones rescued from puppy mills, and pups who were merely strays and were placed in loving homes.  So many faces, so many pictures, and so many loved pups!

Recently I had a family shoot for one of my clients and they brought along their dogs.  This pup is aging and not at all sure why I was making crazy noises and calling her name.  However, throughout the shoot, I took every opportunity I could to catch her offguard!

Stay tuned for more postings of beautiful faces — both four-legged and two-legged!


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