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Chicago — Chi-Town, Land of Da Bears . . .

Chicago can make one think of lots of things:   what many movies have been centered around, the home of the Bears and the Cubs, pizza, polishes, and pumps (fire hydrants).  Chicago does everything big . . . tall buildings, the third largest school system in the country, and “Da Bulls,” the Chicago Bulls basketball team.

But when it comes to some great architecture and facsinating stories about the architecture, Chicago has both.  One of the most famous tourist attractions in Chicago is the Navy Pier, home to one of the world’s largest ferris wheels.

Navy Pier Ferris Wheel

Architecture, food, culture, and entertainment come together in this great town and as the Chicago River runs through it’s veins, people come in large numbers by plane, train, boat, and automobile to enjoy what this town has to offer.

So next time you have a hankering to grab your bag and head out and find some fun and excitement, go to the land of sliders, polishes, pop, and pumps and have a Chicagoan show you around the food, fun, and city lights.  At the end of the visit, you will probably say the following words, “You Know You Love It,” because the city has memorialized those words on a giant banana at the park at Navy Pier.

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