Month: February 2011

Smile — Be Happy!

Children are delightful to work with and can entertain us with their smiles, their words, and just being children!  This three-year-old was a blast and just had so much personality and energy!  We were rained on, the sun went in and out, and she still kept right on having fun!  When she was dressed in high heels and jewelry and walking away, I asked her, “So where are you going?”  Her reply, “I’m going to work for the man!”  All images are owned and copywritten by Stillscapes Photography Studio, LLC, and are uploaded for viewing purposes only! So book your session now!  Spring is upon us and the weather is warming up!  Call us now at 770/475-1079.  We are conveniently located in the Atlanta, Georgia area.  Find us on Facebook at Stillscapes Photography Studio, LLC, and “like” us for any specials or announcements. Advertisements