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Photos of the Day

Take a drive down Georgia Highway 212 in Conyers, Georgia, and you will come to a place so beautiful and serene . . . The Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers.  The Abbey Church is beautiful and is filled with history.  Take a glance.


The stained-glass windows are something to behold!  The windows were made by non-artisans with an individual monk overseeing a particular window.  Everyone within the church was able to participate in the making of the glass to be part of the window, but they reflect the individuality of the monk who was responsible for placing each piece of glass in a design.

So next time you are in the area, stop in and take a tour.  The grounds are beautiful and tranquil.  Clear your calendars, clear your heads, and take time to feel the spirituality that exists within these walls.

All photographs are owned and copywritten by Stillscapes Photography Studio, LLC, and any use without permission is prohibited by law.





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