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A Sunday Afternoon Stroll Back in Time

It’s a rainy Sunday afternoon here in the northern suburbs of Atlanta.  It’s a bit on the chilly side, a bit of fog hanging in the air, and a good day to stay in and read a good book . . . or write a blog entry.  I chose the latter.

Anyone who knows me know that I pretty much keep a camera in my hand all the time.  There are a few rare times I have set out and taken my camera, but I just have the general thought that I might miss something that is camera-worthy.  I occasionally frequent an antique market or auction and I love capturing items from years gone by.  Here are just a few examples.

A Little Girl’s Dresser

This dresser may have had numerous coats of paint added to it over the years, but it stopped me when I saw the small pair of socks hanging out of the drawer.  A seller’s attention to detail to get the shoppers to take a closer look . . . and that I did.


NuGrape, who remembers?

NuGrape, started in 1906, and beginning in 1933 was bottled by the National NuGrape Company, which was founded in 1933 and housed in Atlanta, Georgia.  The actual building, the National NuGrape building, still stands on Ralph McGill Boulevard, here in Atlanta.  The bottles were piled in a metal container and, as you can see, I popped off a shot of them.

Vintage Rocking Horse

Vintage Rocking Horse

He was a beauty.  I believe he was made from wool and stuffed with straw.  Quite a beauty!  A timeless treasure for a collector.

Colorful Threads

Colorful Threads

Spools of wool yarn that caught my eye.   Loved the colors.

The American Flag

Old Glory

A bucket of American flags.  Loved it!  And speaking of Old Glory, here’s one hanging in a school house in Vermillionville, Louisiana.  This was an interesting walk through history!

Schoolhouse Blackboard

Vermillionville Schoolhouse

And on a nearby desk was what looked to be a checkboard with wooden heart “checkers.”

Heart Checkers

Heart Checkers

And to round up this post (or maybe it should be better said, “square-up this post”), here’s something to give a hard look to.  Guess the folks who built this house didn’t own a level!

Door In Door

Leaning Door



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