Shooting with Mathai
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Out on the Farm with Mathai

A whole lot of my life has been spent around horses and with a camera in my hand.  Having had a daughter who grew up riding, plopping down in a pasture and shooting a session with someone is second nature.  I made a recommendation to Mathai that we do her session at a barn in Alpharetta, Georgia, and she was excited to have an adventure with horses. With Mathai not having spent much time around horses, she threw herself right into it and away we went . . . almost three hours spent with hair, make-up, learning how to lead a horse, and she was even excited to get on and do a bit of riding!  Here are some highlights from the session.

Mathai MDS Farm

That smile is infectious and Mathai is such a joy to work with.  She has many looks and expressions, and given this was her first time really being around horses — when she was getting horse slobber all over her or when I was asking her to sit in the pasture — she would look around to make sure she wasn’t sitting in a pile of horse poop, give me a smile and away we would go!  It almost came natural to her.

Mathai getting a quick instruction on riding bareback

And as for fitting in with Ryan (the horse we did the shoot with), they were just about best buddies by the end of the session.

So keep a watch out for this beautiful young lady who will steal your heart.  I mean, look at this one, she stole Ryan’s heart!

Beauty and the Beast

So this is what I do . . . and what I love to do and what I have withdrawal from if I don’t do it.  There aren’t many times you don’t find me pointing a camera at something.  Afterall, a photograph is a window to the soul.

So in closing, I want to do a shout-out to a few folks who helped out on Monday.  First, thank you, Mel Drury (my daughter), of MDS Farm, and her fiance, Chad Sise, for helping out with the horse handling and hauling gear for me and for putting up with my disconnected direction at times.  Thank you, Lissie Belcher, of Muse Salon, for coming out on your day off and doing Mathai’s hair and providing high-level entertainment for all of us.   It was actually humorous to watch you and Mathai jump and dodge horse piles throughout the afternoon!  To Stone Stafford and John Song, you guys rock!  Thank you!  It’s working with folks like all of you that make my job so much fun!  And last but not least, thank you Tim Staples of Staples Farm!  We all had a great time!

Until next time . . .



  1. Frances says

    Pam, these are great! You do have a talent for making it real and beautiful, too. She looks like she’s been around horses forever!

  2. Lila Kay says

    The pictures or greeaaaaaaat. You made her look like she been around a barn& horses always.

  3. Elsie Alexander says

    That was one of the best pieces of art I have ever seen….amazing work!!!!


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