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A Dog-Earred Page

It’s a fall afternoon and I am headed to do a mini-session with a very special guy, Petey, a French Bulldog, owned by one of my clients.  Petey came along on a shoot with his brother, Logan (human), to have his moment in front of the camera.  Well, as it turned out, Petey was quite the heart-stealer.

Rather Regal, Wouldn’t You Say?

I would always tell his mom that I was coming to dognap him, that Petey would one day be residing in my household.  He had just captured my heart and I fell absolutely in love with him.  Deliveries would take me to their house and every time I would pull into their driveway, Petey would come out, affix himself to the center of the driveway in the path of my car, and he would not move.  It was as if to say “you wouldn’t dare, would you?”

Of course, the whole time I’m attempting to capture this beautiful mug, I’m rolling on the floor, crawling on my hands and knees, chasing him when he wouldn’t say put, and watching his mom run herself ragged attempting to round him up.


So after getting a few shots, I packed up my gear and tried to find a way to fit him in and slip out without anyone knowing I had him.  But I wasn’t so lucky.  I had to leave him behind to manage the family household.  But I think I may get back to see him one day soon!  What a great dog!  Good boy, Petey!!!


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  1. Teresa Smith says

    You certainly got great images of sweet Petey!!! He is handsome, but I wouldn’t cross him!!


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