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The End is About to Begin

He holds my heart in his hands . . . my sinking heart, the one that is saddened by the end of an era of “House, M.D.”  Hugh Laurie was the highlight of the start of my week for many years.  The man known to many as “House” (Greg House, M.D.) was loved by many, probably hated by far more, and will be missed by everyone.

Hugh Laurie, born June 1959 (coincidentally my same birth year),  in Oxford, England, is a musician, actor, and comedian.   In 2004, with the start of “House, M.D.,” Laurie lost his British accent and gained the love and attention of Americans.  A FOX medical drama, set in the Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital, where he and his team try to solve mysterious illnesses, you fall in love with the cane-toting, honest-to-a-fault, and unconventionally antisocial individual known as Greg House.  You laugh at his outlandish pranks, his horrible bedside manner, and his unorthodox approach to relationships.  “House M.D.” is known as one of the most popular television programs worldwide.  Hugh Laurie doesn’t let us down in any episode.

Those piercing blue eyes, that smile, that unconventional sense of humor and his less-than-appropriate behavior win us over season after season.  With numerous Emmy and Golden Globe nominations, the team continues to entertain us.  But on Monday, May 21st, 2012, the series will air for a two-hour episode and then will close and go into the history books as another successful and loved medical drama.

But tell us, House, why must you end?  There were rumors of the end to be last season, Season Seven.  In Season Eight we have witnessed a multitude of changes in House’s team when he returns from his “stint in the big house” which resulted from crashing his car through Cuddy’s (Lisa Edelstein) dining room.   In the last few episodes, we have witnessed the diagnosis of Wilson’s cancer (Robert Leonard), Chase’s exit from the show (Jesse Spencer), and what I think is Foreman’s (Omar Epps) softening for House.

Over the years we’ve seen a few changes in the cast, but pictured below are the ones I do dearly love.

It’s not that I don’t love the current cast, but sometimes I just think that the newcomers are often “intruders into the inner sanctum” of the show.  They come, they go, they appear in dreams, they get sick, they fall in love, they marry, they divorce . . . all in a day’s work.  But, ultimately, they all love House and have sort of an unconventional commitment to the man who appears to have no commitment to anyone . . . up until this last season.  With the diagnosis of Wilson’s terminal cancer, we begin to see the real House that loves, cherishes, and cares for his best friend.

So tomorrow night will be the end of a great series.  I hate to see it go.  Over the years I don’t believe I’ve ever been so addicted to a television series.  More often than not, I was in front of the TV a few minutes before it came on then engulfed in the following hour of drama.  My friends and I would chat about the show as if Greg House was our next-door neighbor and we were gossiping about the crazy things he said and did.  I just didn’t think the show would really ever end.  How could they let so many fans down?  How could they not show up every week to amuse us?  Well, I guess we’ll just have to learn to live with re-runs and have Greg House live on in our hearts and minds.

So, in summation, in November of 2004, House comes on the scene as someone you really couldn’t decide if you loved or hated.  He was sort of a lovable type, sort of goofy, sort of boyish, had that grin that would get you every time, but then he was abrasive, offensive, and a Vicodin addict.  He was madly in love with Lisa Cuddy, teetering on the brink of professing his undying love, but then he does the unthinkable and drives into her house when she dumps him for his inability to stay off Vicodin which results in House receiving a prison term.

So on Monday, May 21st, 2012, almost eight years from the episode of “Everybody Lies,” we’ll see closure.  Will Wilson die?  Will Thirteen (Olivia Wilde) return?  And will one of the edgiest and antagonistic icons in TV drama reflect back and have some sort of major revelation?  Or will it all be a dream?

We don’t know the answers to any of the above questions, but I do know that I will miss Greg House and his weekly antics.   I guess I will have to add Hugh Laurie to my list of famous people I’d love to photograph.  It would be hard, I think, to look across a table at Hugh Laurie and say I really miss the show and have him say “It’s one of the great tragedies of life — something always changes.



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