Shooting with Mathai
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Celebrate the Fourth of July with Mathai!

Girl Like Me 4

Photography by Stillscapes Photography Studio 2013

For me, where it began . . .

It started back in 2012, my introduction to Mathai.  Late winter/early spring, a phone call from a long-time friend, John, who said, “I have this artist, she’s really talented, you need to meet her, we want you to photograph her,” let’s get it together.  I would meet this beautiful girl, barely 18 years old,  living on her own here in Atlanta, who had a beautiful smile and talent beyond belief.  Appearing on the second season on “The Voice,” blowing the judges away during her blind auditions and choosing to be on Adam Levine’s team, Mathai would move on to finish in the Top 10.  From there, her career has been growing.

Our first meeting — which was at Icon Studios in downtown Atlanta, the location of our first studio shoot that started late one evening and ran into the early morning hours of the following day — was quite an interesting first meeting.  Mathai was being pulled into several directions — working with a stylist, make-up artist, lots of hair poofing and make-up touch-ups going on with her — while I basically stood by and waited . . . and waited . . . and waited.  Don’t get me wrong, I was hanging out with her studio folks, but the hours were moving into that portion of the night when I’m usually buried in the bed with a pillow.  However, once we got started, the voice I heard was incredible and I just wanted to hear more.  While I really didn’t really get to know Mathai that evening, this was the start of a wonderful relationship and watching her grow as an artist.

We finished up the shoot, packed up, said headed out . . . not sure when we would meet again.  Mathai was in Atlanta, on a break from filming “The Voice,” working on her music, waiting to head back to Los Angeles to begin live performances.  During her time in Atlanta, I would come to know her and work with her more.  I suggested a shoot on my daughter’s farm, with horses, and she and her management team agreed.  So with a hairstylist and make-up artist, we ventured out into a field with a horse and had some fun.  When she was on the back of a horse, bareback, looking back at me, I prayed she didn’t fall off, break an arm and have to report back to Adam Levine in a cast.  This was, after all, her first real exposure to horses.  The image on the right was seen in just about every form of social media.  Teenage girls, Mathai’s music, and horses . . . a combination that had that image circulating on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.


Mathai February 2012
Copyright Stillscapes Photography Studio 2012


Mathai, February 2012
Copyright Stillscapes Photography Studio 2012

Over the ensuing weeks, Mathai would perform at various events throughout Atlanta.  Her fan base grew and upon returning to Los Angeles, she continued to have America fall in love with her.  She finished in the Top 10, returned to Atlanta and continued work on her music and making appearances throughout the country and Great Britain.  She recorded a single with Lecrae (Free From It All) and appeared with him in Manchester, England, and Denver, Colorado.


Performing with Lecrae in Denver, Colorado, Gravity Tour, 2012
Copyright Stillscapes Photography Studio 2012

Fast-forwarding a few months, we are on the eve of her first EP release, “Girl Like Me.”  Tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m., her first EP will be released with seven original songs that are absolutely mind-blowing.  Over the past month, Mathai has been on ArtistSignal ( and right now is rallying for first place which will grab a purse of $10,000.  Her music appears in the top 10 on the site, with “Girl Like Me” at number one.

Girl Like Me 2

Follow this link,, check out her music, her videos, and vote for her.  It’s really easy and takes less than a minute.  Your can vote hourly, and by voting, you can win great rewards!  So check it out and show your love today and throughout the rest of July.  You will fall in love with her music!


Image from Cover Shoot Session, Atlanta, Georgia 2013
Copyright Stillscapes Photography Studio 2013

And where we are today, July 3rd . . .

It’s the eve of the release of Mathai’s first EP.  It’s been an exciting few weeks.  Her brother, David, recently posted the following:

“She must be living the dream!” is what I hear from most of you, if we manage to chat about my sister for a few moments. Yet for those of you who have tried working toward a dream, you know that it’s anything BUT easy living. This girl has been staying busy! Maybe you’re on vacation, hanging out with college friends, or getting caught up with summer music. Those are all great and probably well-deserved things. But she has been in the studio writing, out in Atlanta performing and even taking online classes as she gets ready for her biggest project yet!! Hundreds of miles away from the people she grew up knowing.”

So tomorrow morning, wake up and head to ITunes and buy her EP.  Then head over to and vote (through the end of July) and check out her music and updates along the way.  You won’t be disappointed.




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